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WTB WT Verdict TCS SG2 Light HG 27.5″-29″x 2.5 Outer tyre

Delivery time: 2 Working days.
Delivery time: 2 Working days.


WTB's most aggressive, front-facing tyre. The tyre of choice when relentless traction takes precedence over role efficiency. SG2 puncture protection: lightweight nylon insert that provides bead-to-bead coverage, ensuring that every part of the tyre is protected from cuts and punctures.

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Use: Enduro, Downhill.
Level: TCS SG2 / Light HG.
Size: 27,5″, 29″.
Width: 2.5″.
Weight: 1108 g (27.5″), 1129 g (29″).
Housing: Light.
Threads per inch (TPI): 60.
Optimal inner edge width: 25 - 35 mm.
Bead: Tubeless folding.
Colour: Black.


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