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Rockshox Reverb AXS Dropperpost 30.9mm Travel

Delivery time: 2 Working days.
Delivery time: 2 Working days.
Delivery time: 2 Working days.
Delivery time: 2 Working days.

Original price was: €886,00.Current price is: €799,00.

Our intention with Reverb AXS™ was inventive and pure: No hoses. No routing. No waste of energy. Nothing to get in the way of the experience. We created a reliable, wireless-electronic dropper station and controller that works with much less effort and no distractions. The Reverb AXS™ is an extension of the capabilities on a bike and is enabled by SRAM AXS™ technology, a new level of interaction, personalisation and connectivity for all AXS™ components.

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NEW: Ontluchtingsventiel technologie voor super eenvoudig onderhoud indien nodig zonder demontage van het stuur.
NEW: IFP with lower friction provides faster pole operation and less force.
- AXS™ Technology for customisation to the needs of the individual rider via the AXS™ Mobile App.
- Includes AXS™ steering controller and battery.
- Shared battery with all other SRAM AXS™ components.
- System is fully water- and dust-proof according to IP69K.
- Compatible with 7mm round rails and 7x9mm oval rails.

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