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Reverse Seismic ergo grip Ø32mm (Black)

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The super-soft UV-stable silicone foam is made exclusively for Reverse Components and has nothing to do with other grips on the market called silicone grips!
The Seismic grip not only makes the ride more comfortable and reduces harsh feedback from the handlebars, but also provides excellent grip in wet conditions.
It is suitable for riding without gloves and offers even large hands an optimal contact surface.


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- Structure of the grip: without.
- Outer diameter: Ø 32 mm.
- Inner diameter: Ø 22.2 mm (standard diameter of handlebar end).
- Suitable for all standard handlebars on the market.
- Width: 145 mm.
- Weight: 129 g (+/- 5 % weight tolerance).
- Material: Silicone foam / Aluminium (Lock Rings + Chip Bar-Ends).

- Reverse Lock On / Chip Bar-Ends.
- Super shock-absorbent silicone foam / Reduces arm muscle fatigue even on longer descents (arm pump).
- Wide design, for large hands.
- Maximum grip, even in wet conditions.

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