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Panzer Tire insert 29″ Light weight

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The Panzer Tire Insert is an easy-to-mount, very lightweight Mtb rim protector that also prevents cuts, punctures and pinched tyres. Absorption of Tubeless Liquid is almost zero and, unlike other mousing systems, Panzer does not affect tyre behaviour or air pressure, avoiding changes in tyre performance at the air pressure chosen.

We recommend using PANZER Tubeless Liquid specifically to maximise performance.

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It also makes it possible to ride on to a repair point if there is a puncture or tear in the tyre, a very important aspect for the most aggressive riders, who have a great advantage in being able to ride on without losing options to finish or enter the race.

- More control over the bike by reducing tyre pressure.
- Protect your tyres from blowouts by riding at low pressure or even without air.
- Avoid cuts, punctures and bottlenecks in your tyres.
- It does not absorb tubeless fluid, it only provides superficial impregnation.
- It is very easy to install, without specific tools, without technical knowledge.
- Does not disrupt band behaviour.

PANZER Anti-Puncture Insert for Cross Country or Marathon (XCO and XCM).

Includes 125ml bottle of PANZER Sealant milk.

WEIGHT: 70gr.
EAN: 8404118 029106.


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