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MTB Hopper Coach

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Coach ramp is a perfect tool to learn or teach the art of MTB/BMX jumps. It is a multifunctional & multi-purpose training kit perfect for both 1st jumps & experienced riders. Coach is the most versatile ramp preferred by MTB communities and schools. It is perfect for lower speed jumps at 15 - 25 km/h. It allows for 2-5 m jumps.

The Coach can also be combined with an extension to enlarge the ramp, an extension + an extra Coach ramp to make a Mono Bridge, and two extensions + an extra Coach ramp to make a Double Bridge.

The geometry of the coach's ramp is softer. The ramp has the greatest height adjustability. Leg displacement of the front legs - 100 mm and rear legs - 80 mm.

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The lowest position is perfect for first jumps (the first plate is lowered to make it even less sharp). This position was created to make it possible to just ride over it and still be safe (if you fail to make a jump). You can speed up and learn how to make a jump little by little.

As you grow out of Coach in terms of skills, you can upgrade him and it is also possible to make him quite high for more advanced jumps. You can add the Extension to make it more extreme. The Extension makes the ramp longer and more aggressive. It can be used at higher speeds of 20 - 30 km/h. It allows you to bridge 4 - 10 m gaps. You can easily do a 360 or a backflip with the Coach extension.

With its new 2 height-adjustable leg construction, it adapts very well to any surface/terrain. It can be placed at different angles by adjusting the length of each leg - possible to change the radius of the surface. (radius of surface approximately R 3500 mm)

The surface of the ramp is not suitable for sports with small wheels. It can be used with MTB and BMX bikes. The ramp will guide your skill-growth process from the first jump to learning to whip.

Technical data

  • Assembly: 5 min.
  • Maximum weight: 150 kg.
  • Ready-to-use dimensions of the ramp: 750 - 800 (height) x 730 (width) x 2100 mm (length).
  • Case dimensions: 520 x 730 x 120 mm.
  • Product weight: 15 kg.

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