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Hope Pro 5 Front hub 32H 15x110mm Centerlock

Levertijd: 30 Werkdagen.
Levertijd: 30 Werkdagen.
Levertijd: 30 Werkdagen.
Levertijd: 30 Werkdagen.
Levertijd: 30 Werkdagen.
Levertijd: 30 Werkdagen.


Building on Hope's more than 30 years of hub manufacturing experience, the Pro 5 is the combination of all our experience to meet and exceed the demands of current and future cycling technology. The Pro 4 has proven to be one of the most reliable and versatile hubs on the market. The Pro 5 builds on this with improvements in all components, offering the right balance between pick-up speed, load capacity, durability and resistance.

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One of the main design goals for the Pro 5 was to reduce drag in the drive mechanism. This has real-world benefits and was achieved by upgrading the seal with a new labyrinth seal without resistance and an improved pawl and ratchet system with new springs. Both significantly reduce drag and increase durability and load capacity compared to the Pro 4.

Another major update is the increase in the number of engagement points (from 44 to 108) using an offset 6-pawl freehub design, with 3 pawls engaged simultaneously. This strikes the right balance between pick-up speed, load capacity, resistance and durability, and in practice gives a fast feel on the trail while keeping crank movement at an acceptable level without compromising hub free running or reliability.

On the outside, the hub has a new profile to add stiffness without adding weight, while it features a new axle design that allows the use of larger bearings in a better arrangement to meet the latest freehub standards, while increasing load capacity.

As with every Hope product, durability and longevity are paramount. Everything about the Pro 5 has been considered and tested to work in the worst possible conditions, from seals to bearings....And ultimately if something does wear out, the Pro 5 is fully serviceable and overhaulable with simple tools, or if you need to change drivetrain stands, one hub works with everything. So swapping freehubs is easily done and swapping end caps for different frame and fork axle standards makes your wheels ready for the future.

Geheel nieuw voor de Pro 5 is de optie van Centerlock schijfmontage en een e-bike specifieke naaf die wordt geleverd met een freehub die op maat is gemaakt voor de spanningen en belastingen van e-bike gebruik.

32 Holes
Centerlock schijfmontage

New hub body profile for more rigidity without weight gain.
Fully serviceable and overhaulable with simple tools.
Available with all modern hub housings.
Spacers can be easily interchanged for different frame and axle standards.
Fully sealed stainless steel cartridge bearings.
Hub body manufactured from forged 2014 T6 aluminium billet.

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