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TUBE - LESS literally translated, this is no inner tube. The biggest benefit of installing tubeless, of course, is that you can no longer puncture your inner tube. So no more unnecessary fumbling along the road to install a new inner tube. Also, tubeless installation is just a little bit lighter than riding with an inner tube.

So for correct tubeless installation, you will need the following parts:

Tubeless tyre

Tubeless rim

Tubeless valve

Rim tape


Advantages tubeless

- More grip because you can cycle with lower tyre pressure.

- Small holes are sealed immediately up to +-6mm.

- Less rolling resistance because there is no inner tube.

Disadvantages Tubeless

- More difficult to assemble.

- If you want to change outer tyres, this is always a dirty job.

- Sealant in your tyre should be topped up every few months.

How to install a Tubeless tyre

Below are a few quick steps to install your tyre tubeless. To clarify things a bit, we have added a video for each step with funny commentary by Steve Peat.

Step 1  Degrease the rim with isopropyl alcohol or a degreaser. Once the rim is completely clean, you can apply the rim tape. Below you have a clear video of these steps:

Step 2: Install the Tubeless valve:

Step 3: Now mount the tyre on the rim and add Tubeless Sealant inside your tyre:

Leak riding with Tubeless?

If you still have a puncture unexpectedly, your tubeless sealant will seal the hole in a few seconds. If the hole is bigger than what the sealant can seal, there are plugs for this, these come in 1.5 mm thick or 3 mm thick to seal larger holes, the remaining space between the plug and the tyre is then sealed by the tubeless sealant.

5060541583795PeatysHoleshotCO2TyreInflator Road Gravel16gPackShot 1

Peaty's Holeshot Co2 Tire inflator

Unique, compact, rectilinear design for maximum airflow.
Simply push down to inflate - release to stop. Unique silicone protective cover with closed base, prevents freezing of your hands even without gloves. Made of 6061 aluminium, available in 12x Chris King colours.

Peatys Holeshot Tubeless Puncture Kit

Peaty's Holeshot Puncture Plug 

When you ride tubeless, you need to be prepared for anything. There are some holes you just can't seal with tubeless sealant. That's where puncture sealant comes into play.

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